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Whoops I started a business.....

Updated: Mar 13, 2022

I never thought making a gift for the mothers in my life would lead me to open my own business, but here we are!

So just in case you haven't caught on by now, this is the back story on how Eye of the Dragonfly was created.

So for Mothers Day in 2021, I wanted to do something special for the Momma's in my life, you know the one's that have really been there for me. So I went to the local craft store and picked up some beads in their favorite colors and I made them all a double or triple wrap bracelet.

I ended up falling in love with beads and making jewelry. I figured out how to make earrings by this point, and I was making jewelry for everyone! Any excuse and I had a bracelet and earrings for them. It became almost an obsession matching the jewelry I had made to their outfits.

One of my friends casually mentioned to me that she wanted to help "support my business". This was of course after I had given her a gorgeous set of cracked crystal beads, and it just clicked! I could start my own business, I could do what I loved and make others happy at the same time. I am not sure why, but putting a smile on someone's face is just the best feeling ever. If I can do something that will make someone happy, then I am all for it! Even if it may cost me a few dollars or some of my time.

So the name... How did I come up with the name Eye of the Dragonfly? Easy dragonflies are my favorite, from their beautiful iridescent wings to the symbolism they represent. Here is a link to an article I found interesting.

For me mostly, it is because they have survived for so many thousand years, being able to adapt to the ever changing environment. I myself have found that as I have lived my life I have changed, I am not the same person I was 20 years ago and I will not be the same person 20 years from now. I can tell you 20 years ago change was scary, but now I embrace it, hesitantly at times, but I still embrace it. Anxiety ruled my younger years and I have learned to quell the storm, so to speak a little at a time. My hope is that in 20 years from now, I can say I conquered it, and I can just do whatever it is that I want, when I want. Without the panic gripping me from the inside.

So let's get back to the name.... So I love dragonflies and I have an eye for color, easy to see why I chose Eye of the Dragonfly now ?

So here are some examples of the jewelry I have made.

The bracelet in progress here was my youngest son's choice of beads, he wanted skull and blood red beads.... He's currently 8 and plays a lot of Fortnite. I have three sons, currently 17, 16 and 8. I am hoping that when they bring friends/partners home I can make them jewelry too. Or even just sit and gush over all the colors of the beads I have in stock..... sigh, the life of a boy mom.

This bracelet is the one I made for my mom (I recently made her earrings to match). Her favorite color is yellow, and I didn't want to go all monochrome for her and these Czech beads sparkle like crazy, she loved them. I think it really made her happy that I was thinking of her. Of course it helped soften the blow after I burnt our Mothers Day dinner to a crisp, literally charcoal briquets is what we were left with instead of ribs! Fortunately we were able to run to the market and grab some quick oven bake ribs that were premade.

I need to end this here or I will get literally nothing done the rest of the day. Hopefully I can post a new blog on Saturday or Sunday when I have a spare minute.

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